Since Kanye West is still running for president of the United States for some reason, he was obliged to disclose his financial assets to the Office of Government Ethics. He did this the other day.

West has three Yeezy companies—fashion, apparel and footwear—worth more than $50 million each, according to Bloomberg. He also has a $50 million stake in Adidas AG and a $25 million stake in Nike Inc. Smaller stakes in a number of other companies have netted him several million more over the past year.

The rapper’s liabilities total around $100 million, the majority of that money being tied up in mortgages.

West’s presidential “campaign” got off to a rocky start in July when he held his first rally, during which, sporting a flak jacket, he maligned Harriet Tubman and broke down sobbing while discussing his opposition to abortion. The disastrous event led many people, including his wife, to speculate that he was in the midst of a manic episode.

That theory was all but confirmed when West repeatedly attacked his wife on Twitter, asserting that she was trying to lock him up and moreover that he was trying to get a divorce.

Last month Politico reported that West had financed his own campaign to the tune of $6.8 million. Only $11,000 had come from outside contributions.

The lion’s share of that money has been spent trying to get his name onto ballots around the country.

With the election just a few weeks away, West has only qualified to appear on the ballot in 12 of 50 states. Democrats have criticised his decision not to suspend his campaign, fearing that the tiny amount of votes he’s likely to win will come at the expense of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Should Donald Trump win the election by a razor thin margin, West will be persona non grata in Democratic circles for a long time to come.

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