Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have become the latest celebrity podcasters to be signed to online streaming giant Spotify. Whilst arguably perhaps not the most in-touch with the common man’s lifestyle, the famous pair have been touted as to provide uplifting and enriching content come 2021. 

The deal comes after the controversial resignation of the couple as high status members of the British royal family in March 2020. The couple had been formerly known as the Duke and Duchess as Sussex – their royal title – with Harry as third in line to the throne. The news of their resignation was shocking to much of the British public and many around the world, though conversely there were others who saw the move as understandable and even commendable as the couple said they were looking for financial independence. 

Since their detachment from the monarchy the couple moved to California, USA and have kept themselves hidden from the media spotlight for much of 2020. Their striving desire for financial independence seems to be what they’ve been working on in the meantime as the latest news reveals they have signed multi-year partnerships with both Netflix and Spotify. 

In a think piece for the Daily Mail, contentious British broadcaster Piers Morgan called the couple freeloaders in a sarcastic attack on their ability to provide any insight for the common man: “The one thing the world definitely needs right now is those two absurd ultra-woke freeloading chancers giving us yet more of their views on life from the sanctity of their $11 million Californian mansion.”

The podcast, set to be released to Spotify’s 320 million listeners around the world, plans to highlight underrepresented voices. In a statement released to promote the upcoming series the couple described their desire to demonstrate how “interconnected” we are – an important lesson they felt following the ongoing coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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