The tv sitcom ‘Friends’ holds a dear place in many of our hearts as the reassuring tv rerun series we could always count on. Friends ran for ten seasons over the course of a decade from September 22nd 1994, to May 6th 2004. An estimated 51.1 million people tuned in to the last episode of Friends to see how it all turned out. An enormous figure for an episode, beaten only in popularity with viewers by the episode ‘The One After the Superbowl’ in Season 2 in 1996, which had over 52 million people watching. 

The sitcom featured six friends – would you believe it – living in New York City. Their carefree young-person’s lifestyle was new to our tv screens and the antics and escapades of the group captured hearts and minds across the world. A traditional pairing of three boys and three girls however didn’t mean simple romance plots. It was the friendship at the heart of the group that was captured in the simplicity of the name that kept people watching. 

It is this bond of friendship sitcom producers seem to want to cash in on this year. Nearly 20 years after the final cut, and without a movie in sight, the Friends cast has come together again for a reunion episode. Friends: The Reunion show was hosted by comedian presenter James Corden and brought the now super star famous cast together again for the first time in over a decade. While the show makes it clear the stage setting and props from the show were all neatly designed, it highlights the genuine friendship and bonds the group made during their time on the show. 

Despite an insight into the lives of the cast and backstage on the show, critics have been unhappy with the hour and a half long reunion for being awkward and fake in its sentimentality.

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