Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing with the Devil’ has come with a prerelease interview with CBS about the singer’s 2018 overdose and produced a shocked reaction from fans and world media. The interview details the star’s process in writing the album and covers the tragic events from which the album’s inspiration was drawn from. 

The singer conducted the interview with CBS to be released online via YouTube TV as part of the channel’s ‘Sunday Morning News’ series. It will debut on the 23rd March 2021. 

The short interview is said to contain some seriously stunning revelations not previously covered by Lovato in the public sphere. Whilst she has been praised before by fans and critics alike for her openness in talking about hard topics with the public, the new album and accompanying interview contain not previously known information about her experiences in more recent years. 

A main feature of both album and interview will be Lovato’s 2018 overdose. The overdose came at a particularly dark time in the singer’s life and details the event where she was found at home by a friend after attempting to kill herself. The incident, which has left her with some major health consequences, left her almost dead – with doctors saying she had only five to ten minutes left to live. 

The singer had a stroke during the overdose which has left her with some partial brain damage, as well as other lasting effects such as being declared legally blind by doctors and unable to drive. She hopes that by her speaking in the public sphere about her experiences she’ll be able to reach others in desperate need of help. 

Following the overdose the singer recovered in hospital, sleeping lots as part of her recovery and playing a lot of board games to relax and reintegrate herself back into the world. She says she found any exercise extremely hard and that recovery was a slow and tiring process.