Something tells me that, in general, gamers are not very dismayed at the extreme measures likely to be taken around the world in order to contain the rampaging coronavirus. Whereas most people no doubt shudder to think that they might be forced to self-quarantine inside their homes for an extended period of time, gamers must be overjoyed: they now have an official, state-sanctioned excuse not to leave their bedrooms.

To get an idea of what things are going to look like in many countries over the next few months, consider Italy, where more than 12,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus and over 800 have succumbed to it. The country is closed. Yesterday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered that all commercial and retail establishments nationwide—with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies—cease business operations. The entire country is under a lockdown until at least April 3. There is no freedom of movement. Those going out are liable to be accosted and questioned by police, as well as screened for the virus.

“At this moment the whole world is certainly looking at us for the numbers of the contagion, they see a country that is in difficulty, but they also appreciate us because we are showing great strictness and great resistance,” wrote in a statement posted to Facebook, according to CNBC. “I have a deep conviction. I would like to share it with you. Tomorrow not only will they look at us again and admire us, but they will take us as a positive example of a country that, thanks to its sense of community, has managed to win its battle against this pandemic.”

In the United States, travel is being severely curtailed, with Donald Trump suspending most travel from Europe. The NBA, MLB, and NHL have all taken the unprecedented step of suspending their seasons indefinitely. The Olympics will probably be pushed back. This has many millions of people panicking and wondering what they are going to do with themselves.

Perhaps they should take up gaming. As the new “gaming bed” concept from Japanese company Bauhutte demonstrates, gamers are perfectly evolved to thrive during national lockdowns. This product, which is still in the concept phase, is designed to allow gamers to stay in bed all day long, sort of like Grandpa Joe from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” Business Insider broke down all the bed’s features:

—double monitors, cup holders, speakers, a snack cart (with more cup holders), another cart for your keyboard, and an arm that holds your phone or tablet for you.

The only thing missing is a toilet.

Business Insider also noted the corona connection: “The concept is designed for gaming, but it could also be perfect for remote workers. Many workers are now telecommuting either as a self-quarantine after potential exposure to COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, or simply to minimize the risk of contracting the disease.”

Again, the Bauhutte bed is not available for purchase yet. But similar products are. In addition to stocking up on booze and canned goods, you might want to think about buying bed heads and bases to make your self-quarantine a little less unpleasant. That way you can read, watch TV, work on your laptop, or whatever you have to do, in comfort. It appears that we’re all going to have to learn to live like gamers for a while.

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