While many of us might be grieving for a loved one or loss of ambitions this year, it has been a bigger year than ever for celebrity passings. Losing a beloved and admired celebrity can be similar to losing a close pet or distant relative potentially, as well as a good chance to relearn the history of some of culture’s biggest influencers. 

With that in mind we take a look at some of the biggest stars that have been lost so far in 2021. 

Jessica Walters 

Fans of the cult TV shows Arrested Development and Archer will be saddened to learn of actress Jessica Walter’s death in March 2021. The beloved star won the hearts of TV fans over the years with hit after hit roles on the small and big screens. The world was saddened to learn of Walter’s passing this year after she was found dead in her apartment in New York, United States of America. 


The world of rap and hip hop was shocked to hear of USA singer DMX’s passing back in early April. The singer reportedly died of a heart attack at the tragically young age of 50. DMX made his name in the rap scene in the late 1990s, notably with his platinum selling album that went multiple, ‘It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot’ (1998). 

Helen McCroy 

Another star passed too soon, the Harry Potter actress also died in April this year. The 52 year old had been fighting cancer for a long period and the news was shared by her family that she had finally lost the battle. 

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh 

A less surprising death also in April 2021 was that of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The UK royal was 99 years old when he died, only one year away from the centurion telegraph he would have received from his wife, Queen Elizabeth of England.

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