Writers, poets and readers are rejoicing this month as Australia holds its first Poetry Month. The inaugural event will run from the 1st to the 31st August 2021 and is being coordinated by Red Room Poetry with events running across Australia. 

The goal of the Poetry Month is to “increase access, awareness, value and visibility of poetry in all its forms and for all audiences.” Through a mixture of daily poems and writing prompts, online workshops, poetic residencies and live to live-streamed showcases, the project aims to inspire poetic collaborations throughout Australia. 

Unlike many literary festivals, the Poetry Month calendar is open to all those across Australia that may want to contribute an event of any kind. Through this widespread approach to programming, the coordinators hope to include as many people and different types of poetry as possible, as well as create an inclusive space for all types of audiences. Whether you’re young or old, a poetry lover or aspiring writer, Red Room Poetry has organised the month so that there is something on offer for everyone. 

What’s on?


30in30 is the place to go for daily writing prompts and much more! The festival is collaborating with a range of creatives from around Australia, some may be poets but others could be spoken word artists, authors or even playwrights! The Poetry Month social media accounts are the place to look for the daily prizes on offer as part of the prompt writing competitions. 

Poets in Residence

Unfortunately the Poets in Residence part of the festival has had to be closed due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic lockdown restrictions. The plan was however for two poets to be hosted by the Green Square Library in Sydney, New South Wales. Poets would have used the space to engage the public with their processes of writing, reading and performing poetry on site. 

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