British based alternative education providers The Black Curriculum are leading the way with the decolonisation of the school curriculum in the UK. Following the Victorian Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026, we take a look at how this organisation founded by a group of young people is setting an example for non-traditional and self-education models world wide. 

Who are they?

A non-affiliated group running arts based programming looking to give other black youths a sense of identity and place for expression, they cite their following as aims:

1.  To provide a sense of belonging and identity to young people across the UK.

2. To teach an accessible educational Black British history curriculum that raises attainment for young people.

3. To improve social cohesion between young people in the UK.

What do they want?

The Black Curriculum is looking to expand the conversation surrounding the ingrained teachings of anti-blackness in schools and make Black History not just a month-long time in October. By releasing a new Black Curriculum for schools to refocus their attention, the group hopes to redefine our concept of ‘Britishness’ and its place and functions in our society. 

When will it come to Australia?

For years the debate on decolonising the curriculum has existed in the UK and US, and as of a report on August 8th, 2020 on Sky News Australia, is ‘coming soon’ to Australia. In a recent interview with the author at the Institute of Public Affairs, Bella d’Abrera, d’Abrera was quoted as saying: “It just shows how much the humanities in Australia have been mired in this swamp of identity politics and this pseudo-Marxism”. She went on to describe her lament at the thought of such identity politics arriving in Australia: “it’s going to come to Australia, because Australian academics follow the fashion of what is going on in the UK and the US. So we will have to fight it.”

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