In a landmark case against the British newspaper the Mail on Sunday, the former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has won a privacy lawsuit this week. The court ruling came as a summary judgement from the UK High Court which, after a year of proceedings, agreed that there had been a clear cut invasion of privacy on behalf of the Duchess. High Court Justice Mark Warby made the decision against the Associated Newspapers, the publishing company for the Mail on Sunday. The invasion came in the form of a letter from Meghan to her father Thomas Markle that the newspaper published parts of in February 2019. 

In a statement released by the former Duchess she has said: “For these outlets, it’s a game, [but] For me and so many others, it’s real life, real relationships, and very real sadness. The damage they have done and continue to do runs deep.” Markle is seeking damages which have yet to be settled and has said she will donate any money received to anti-bullying charities. 

The previous Hollywood celebrity was known for her role in the long running television series Suits before a fateful meeting with the British Prince. After meeting, the pair married in May 2018 in Windsor Castle in England, but their stint as royals was short lived and tarnished by unfair and continued attacks from the British press. Ongoing harassment from the press has been a significant issue in Prince Harry’s life since the death of his mother Princess Diana after being chased by paparazzi in France. The couple hopes that this new court ruling will set a legal precedent that protects people from the harsh media spotlight and scrutiny they have faced. 

The ruling which is called a summary judgement means that Meghan, her father and friends will not have to testify in court and helps stop the ongoing media circus fuelling newspaper sales further.

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