Kanye West’s newest publicity stunt—a visit to weirdo televangelist Joel Osteen’s “megachurch” where he will be interviewed and possibly have his demons exorcised on live TV—looks like it’s going to be a success. The church, located in Houston, TX, is reportedly giving away 45,000 free tickets to the Sunday event.

Fox Business reports that the Houston Police will be on hand to help the church’s own personnel with security.

“We’ve planned for the event and are working with the church,” Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon said. “[We] know it’s probably going to be more traffic than normal, more crowded than normal. We’ve planned accordingly.”

Cannon noted that the police police presence is a precautionary measure, adding that they are not aware of any specific security threats. Ticketmaster issued the following warning: “NO weapons permitted. NO backpacks. NO bags. NO suitcases.”

There will be both a morning and evening service. In the morning, the rapper will reportedly chat with Osteen about his spiritual journey and finding Jesus and all that cal. In the evening, West will perform with his choir which apparently includes over 100 people.

West recently stated that “God is using me as a human being, as humbly as I can put it, he’s using me to show off.”

According to Yahoo!, the event was Osteen’s idea. He invited West when the rapper’s new gospel album, Jesus Is King, was released on October 25. The two were already acquainted, having spoken on the phone a number of times.

Jesus Is King has polarized critics, with some praising it as a personal revelation and others deriding it as self-indulgent. I have not listened to it.

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