esports champion Johan “N0tail” Sundstein has wowed fans this year by buy his first multimillion dollar mansion in Lisbon, Portugal. The 27 year old, born 8th October 1993 in case you were wondering, hails from Denmark and was born to Faroese parents. The young gamer is in fact the grandson of former Faroese prime minister Jógvan Sundstein. 

N0tail is famous throughout the gaming world for his involvement in the esports championships and continued wins at high-level gaming competitions. Said to have been playing video games as early as two years old, it’s no surprise the Danish gamer left high school early to pursue a career in gaming as an online sport. Now at 27 years old, the renowned champion is considered an elder player next to others in their teens, but for him that has just meant a chance for him to finally enjoy his winnings. 

The industry of esports has faced a difficult year, with ups and downs due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as more people showed an interest in online gaming, but the coordination of live events was not possible. Without the excitement of the crowd and atmosphere at the event many gamers, including N0tail himself have found it hard to stay animated and engaged in the competitive spirit of esports. 

Adapting to a new reality is what most of us have spent the past year doing and for lots of people this peaked an interest into possible online activities. The number of people betting on esports for example reached an all time high this year according to Forbes magazine, with bookies seeing a 13 per cent increase in bets placed in November 2020 compared to the same period last year. 

 N0tail meanwhile has been spending his accrued winnings lavishly in Europe, with his latest mansion in Portugal costing over a whopping 17 million United States Dollars. 

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